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Concert of The Academic Choir
"C O L L E G I U M    M U S I C U M", Belgrade, Serbia

29 April 2012,19:00

Dobbelmannweg 3 

Program of the

Academic choir Collegium musicum
artistic director and conductor Darinka Matić Marovic
conductor Dragana Jovanovic
Soloists: Tijana Ilisevic, soprano
            Tamara Kojic, soprano
            Darko Manic, bas
            Milica Tegeltija, block flute
Marko Tajcevic                                                             Dodole
Isaija Srbin                                                                  Agios O Theos
                                                                                    (Holy God, Trisagion), voice II, XV vek
                                                                                    Manuscript from National  labrary of Serbia,
                                                                                    number 928
                                    solo Darko Manic, bas
Anonimus                                                                 We praise Thee, 
                                                                                   Bulgarian melody, XVI century
                                                                                  Polielej, Praise the name of Lord,
                                                                                  Russian melody, XVII century,                         
                                                                                  David’s Psalms 134
                                                                                 Rejoice, O Virgin,
                                                                                 Russian melody XVII century
Sergei Rachmaninoff                                               Rejoice, O Virgin 
     (1873-1943)                                                        from The All-nightVigil op. 37
Stevan St. Mokranjac                                              Lityurgy of St. John Chrysostom
     (1856-1914)                                                                      (extras)
solo Darko Manic, bass
Anonimus                                                               Litany to the Tzar 
                                           Russian melody XVIII century
                                   solo Tamara Kojic, sopran
                                           Darko Manic, bas
Stevan St. Mokranjac                                            Songs from Coastal Regions                    
Toma Prosev                                                         Musandra II
                                    solo Dragana Jovanovic, soprano
Aleksandar Perunovic                                            Vocalise
arr. James Miller                                             I Wanna Be Ready     
                                                                        Negro spiritual
                                    solo Darko Manic, bas
Stefanos Eftimiadis                                        Karaguna
            (1935)                                                  traditional song from Greece
Peter Lyondev                                                 Ergen deda,
   (1936)                                                           humorous traditional song from Bulgaria
Zapro Zaprov                                                  Medow
Boro Tamidzic                                               Humorous miniatures from Montenegro
                                    solo Tijana Ilisevic, soprano
Nemanja Savic                                               Songs from Kraina

 The Academic Choir
 "C O L L E G I U M    M U S I C U M"
B e l g r a d e, Serbia

       The Academic choir "Collegium musicum" was founded in 1971 and from the first year it consisted of girl students of the Belgrade Faculty of Music. From the beginning, the artistic leader and conductor of choir has been, and still is, Darinka Matic-Marovic, professor of conducting in the Belgrade Faculty of Music Art.
     "Collegium musicum" is certainly one of the most eminent choirs in Serbia. It gained its reputation by performing over 3000 concerts all over the country and world. It has been preformed to the audience in Serbia, also in over 40 countries and in capital cities of Italy, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Norway, Poland, Ireland, Czech, Slovakia, Austria, Republic of Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Belgium, Greece, Hungaria, Russia. Out of Europe the audiences of Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Ecador, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Mongolia, South Korea, China, Taiwan,…
"Collegium musicum" has received many acknowledgments and awards both in Serbia and abroad.
Academic Choir "Collegium musicum" performed in many international competitions in which it conquered only the highest recognitions, mainly the first and special prizes (Arezzo, Llangollen, Gorizia, Torrevieja, Maasmechelen, Preveza, Hajnowka …)
The latest accomplishment of choir is wining three first prices on competition in Bjelistok, Poland. Academic choir “Collegium musicum” won a first price in category of professional-educated choirs; prof. Darinka Matic Marovic was named for the best conductor and Polish national television named the choir the best choir of festival.

Academic Choir "Collegium musicum" recorded for the Radio-Television Serbia, the Norwegian National Radio, RAI, RTV Mexico, Austrian TV, BBC, Belgian Radio 3, Beijing TV, etc. The repertoire of choir is the composition of authors from different periods (XI century to contemporary authors). Freshness of the choir, its creative capacity and the high professional level has inspired many composers to dedicate their works to him. The choir in its own history of over 40 years has over 200 first (premiere) performances
"Magnificent girls of the Belgrade Collegium sang extraordinary, one of the most supreme performances of the competition" (Great Britain)
"Virtuosity, which is taking our breath away. Perfection of the Choir and inborn love of the conductor for the one of most wonderful arts, which exists. This woman, isn't she the music itself?" (France)
"We have admired the extraordinary diction, the beauty of performance, the width and homogeneity of voices and their freshness" (Belgium)
"Perfect example of all you can achieve in vocal technique which, when being united by all members on high professional level, attains sonority not overcome by now" (Mexico)
"Performance which deserves superlatives in everything, perfect virtuosity of young performers is amazing (India)
"Fascinating performance ... the audience was overwhelmed by intonation, dynamics, precision of phrase and text characteristics which the choir owes to its conductor - Darinka Matic-Marovic" (Romania)
"We haven't heard of such choir perfection till now, nor of such professional mastership in performance“(China)
"Collegial museum - the event of the season" (Moscow).
"High quality of amazing choir on whose head stands the master of the vocal shore, the conductor of true musicality and deep knowledge in the style of different periods, temperamental and sensual Darinka Matic-Marovic" 
"They have showed incredibly correct intonation, perfect stillness and interpretation" (Zagreb)
"Numbers superlatives rated to all elements of art reproduction of the excellently practiced choir, embodied in wonderful musicality of the conductor who is vibrant to the chore" (Dubrovnik)
"Collegium musicum belong to the highest class of choir singing. Darinka Matic Marovic who is interwoven with delicate taste and developed musical culture, is the main carrier and the heard of the reproductive potential of this choir of beautiful voices and built vocal technique, which has no obstacle in
jumping the steeplechase even of the most difficult scores. The dynamic shades and flowing of the refined sound are reflecting the fascinating expressive factor, stupefying us all"
"Excellent performance... That is the choir which with greatest ease surmounts the hardness problems, and in the same time sounds noble, subtle and never's name has became the synonym for top performance (Belgrade, Belgrade Music Festival)
"Those girls voices, link sound threads, were led to the auditorium by the hand of Darinka Matic Marovic, the conductor with a kind of 8th sense not only for musical perfection, but for the general harmony and beauty beginning for before the sang composition....She provoked the explosion of exaltation and sincere applause of the full hall" (Rijeka, Croatia)
"Only Darinka Matic Marovic can do that, the magic personality of our vocal performance!" (Nis)
Belgrade Music Festival, 1996 " Best among the best"

Female choir of the Belgrade Music Academy and their conductor are directly meritorious for the origination and first performances of many more or less important works of our composers. Their concert on BEMUS was not different; all of the performed works were dedicated to the choir and Darinka Matic Marovic, as a sign of appreciation and a vote of confidence for all that was accomplished in the previous period. There are many reasons for such a gesture. No matter whether it was about the soul-stunning composition "Inscription from 1492" written by the originator of our choir singing and composition Vojislav Ilic, composition in contemporary sound and letter although written 24 years ago, or the narrative poem "Cerancije" by Matija Beckovic, conceived by Rajko Maksimovic with no fixed musical idea, Darinka Matic-Marovic approached it with the same care, as if that were always something precious in notes. It is understood that the greatest range in music which gave the biggest possibilities was realized in the works of Milan Mihajlovic "Silenzio" and "Rain" of Zarko Mirkovic, according to by the choice of sonorous colours, overwhelming surrender to the essence of art, exuberance of subtle details and harmony of the carefully shaped form. Impeccably clean intonation invisible communication in the essential elements between the conductor and the choir, brilliant visual realization have made this night on BEMUS as such for its competitions to be able to cope only with the best and always stay one step ahead. Darinka Matic is sure hand has shone upon the auditorium and her choir and upon the selected group of Belgrade's best musicians joined from composition to composition in different combinations.






        The art of Professor Darinka Matic - Marovic is representing a perfect harmony of music culture, authority, suggestive power and endless energy. The audience enthusiastically received her inspired interpretation of complex and demanding works in the domestic and foreign, classic and modern repertoire in the most prestigious concert halls in more than 40 countries around world (in almost all European countries repeatedly, in the United States, Canada, Cuba, Mexico,Ecador, China , India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Mongolia, South Korea etc).
         Mme. Darinka Matic-Marovic become a Full professor at the Faculty of Music Art in Belgrade, Vice-Dean of Faculty of Music (1979-1983), Dean of Faculty of Music (1983-1989), Rector of the University of Arts in Belgrade (1989-1998) and the Artistic director of the Belgrade University.
        She is working more than 20 years as a professor at the Music Academy in Montenegro, and at the same time, she is a professor of conducting and orchestra conductor at the Academy of Art University in Bosnia.
       She was a member of the jury at numerous national and international competitions, as well as lecturer in many seminars.
       In parallel with the pedagogical work, Mme. Darinka Matic-Marovic developed a brilliant career by constant engagement with two academic choirs "Collegium Musicum" (since its foundation in 1971.) and the mixed choir Obilic AKUD Branko Krsmanovic, (from the 1981.). With these choirs she performed worldwide in the most prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall, room Conservatory "Tchaikovsky" in Moscow, Golden Hall in Vienna, the Opera in Nice and Bucharest and others.
 Mme. Darinka Matic-Marovic has a great merit in the presentation of works of contemporary authors and more than 300 domestic works first performed in her career so far.
     With both choirs she won numerous awards, always the first or special, of the most important national and international choral competitions (Arezzo, Langolen, Goricia, Varna, Berlin, Torevijeha, Beijing, Masmehelen,Hajnowka etc.).
      In her interpretations most of the critics recognize "strong and impressive range," "heavenly pianissimo", "absolute accuracy", "sounds on the edge of magic, choral singing”, “high professionalism", "unsurpassed sonority", "developed sense of style and culture expressions” ….